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The maramataka co-design project

The value of cultural knowledge and practices in fostering wellbeing is becoming more widely recognized in the field of health and wellness. Maramataka, a traditional Māori system for comprehending the lunar cycles and their impact on the environment and our lives, is one such practice. And now, a new co-design project between Healthy Families Te Ngira and the Rongomau Bennett Centre in Kirikiriroa is utilising the Maramataka teachings to enhance oranga (well-being).

The notion that everything in Te Ao Māori is connected is at the core of Maramataka. Through whakapapa korero, waananga, and individual journaling, the team is concentrating on teaching themselves the phases of Maramataka to start the project. We can improve our self-awareness and mindfulness of the influences of our environments by understanding the effects of the various phases. With this knowledge, we are better able to organise and control our hauora and self-care.

Rongomau Bennett Centre Kaitakawaenga Marisa Rota and Healthy Families Te Ngira Rautaki Māori Manaia Johns are leading the charge in disseminating their knowledge of Maramataka through waananga, individualised observations, and first-hand experiences. Through the reclamation of matauranga Māori, they are discovering our interconnectedness once again. Even though the project is still in its early stages, Systems Change Innovator Tania Bidois is optimistic that the partnership will be advantageous to both the Rongomau Bennett Centre and anyone interested in learning more about Te Ao Māori through Maramataka.

Many different factors, such as environment, income, education, and climate, have contributed to the alteration of ancestral diets. However, the Maramataka principles can assist us in making better decisions regarding our diets and self-care practices. We can develop a more all-encompassing approach to health and wellness that considers not only our physical bodies but also our spiritual, emotional, and cultural well-being by comprehending the interconnectedness of everything in Te Ao Māori.

The Maramataka Co-Design Project is an exciting initiative that holds great promise for improving oranga in Kirikiriroa and beyond. As we continue to learn and grow together, we can create a brighter future for ourselves and our communities by drawing on the wisdom of our ancestors and the knowledge of Māori culture.

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