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Bringing community leadership together in a united effort for better health in the places we live, learn, work and play.

Healthy Families NZ is a large scale prevention initiative that brings community leadership together in a united effort for better health in the places we live, learn, work and play.

Our goal is for all New Zealanders to enjoy health promoting social and physical environments that enable healthy food and physical activity choices, being smokefree, drinking alcohol only in moderation and increasing mental health, resilience and wellbeing.

The Healthy Families NZ approach focuses on addressing the underlying conditions that impact our health and wellbeing, in order to reduce the risk of preventable chronic disease. All of the Healthy Families NZ localities are connected through this common approach and principals, which creates our prevention movement.

We seek to uncover the journey that leads to chronic disease, understanding the lived experience of whānau and communities so that we can determine together how best to address the conditions that lead to experiencing preventable chronic disease.

Healthy Families NZ Locations

Healthy Families NZ has 11 teams across ten localities embedded in a range of lead providers including, Iwi, Whānau Ora, Local Government, Regional Sports Trusts and Pacific-led Social Change organisations.

Each locality has its own unique systems and environments that impact the health and wellbeing of the people who live, learn, work or play there. Our lead providers were chosen as they were best placed to work in partnership with the communities and organisations in their locality to create sustainable change.

Taking a locality approach acknowledges that the most effective and sustainable solutions to our health and wellbeing challenges are best driven by the people who are most affected.

Below you can find out how each of our Healthy Families NZ locations are creating impactful change at a local level, alongside their community.

Far North
East Cape
South Auckland
Whanganui, Rangitikei
Hutt Valley
Our E-Pānui
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